Are You Mentally Prepared for a Successful Job Search?

by / Sunday, 15 February 2015 / Published in INSPIRATION, TOP NEWS

Many hiring experts will tell you that most job seekers are not mentally prepared to conduct their job search. For the job seeker, this can be very costly. Their mental road block, which is almost always based on lack of preparation, will most likely lead to several unnecessary months being added to their job search. Even worse than the extra time to find a job, it very frequently results in the job seeker accepting a position that is less than ideal. This usually means a job at with a lower income and working at a job that is far from fulfilling. In addition, according to these hiring experts, many qualified candidates unknowingly remove themselves from consideration because of unnecessary mental mistakes.

Most people who find themselves unemployed, and even many who are underemployed, will go through a ‘grieving’ process. It happens. And it’s something you have to recognize and be able to deal with it in a positive way. Those who recognize they are ‘grieving’ and who are able to effectively deal with it, will substantially reduce the time it takes to find a job and most will end up with a better job.

There are 5 phases of ‘grieving’. If you are able to recognize when you are ‘grieving’, you will work through it faster, and you may even be able to avoid some of the phases. You want to get to Phase 5: Acceptance, as quickly as possible.

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