Do you really know why your phone isn’t ringing when you submit your resume?

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Do you really know why your phone isn’t ringing when you submit your resume?

Most people submit their resume for a position without understanding why a company is asking for one. I recently asked a job seeker “Do you know why your phone isn’t ringing when you submit a resume? Here is that job seekers response to my question, “No, I just sent it and expected them to call, that is just what you do when you apply for a job…he continued, “I just thought they would know what I had to offer based on where I have worked and the positions I’ve held.”

This is exactly why so many job seekers are frustrated with their search. They do not understand the function and purpose of a resume. It is your personal commercial. Your marketing tool to sell yourself and what you have to offer to a prospective employer. It is not just a summary of your history. Companies don’t alway care where you have been. They care what you can do. Your past is exactly that, the past. You are not there anymore for a reason. Many employers will assume you are no longer there for negative reasons rather than positive ones.

Just like a company with an antiquated marketing plan. people do not purchase something because of a company’s past, but what they are offering today. A history can show stability, but also make you look outdated.

You must be progressive in your presentation. Show employers who you are now, and how you have grown and developed throughout your career. Do not leave them to assume. Explain how the skills you possess perfectly match the skills they desire through experiences in your past, regardless of when it happened in your career.

The only way a company will know you are the right candidate is if you explain it to them. That is what your resume should be. You telling them that you are the right one for the job, not hoping they can see it through a jumbled past.

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