How much is your membership?

    Complete Access to the Resource Center is only $32.00 a month with NO CONTRACT. That is just a little over a $1 a day.

    Military veterans who have been discharged within the last 2 years will receive a FREE 6 month membership. CLICK HERE to learn more.


How long will it take to find a job?

    There is no exact method to calculate the time it will take to find a job. There are too many factors involved in a job search, the main factor is your consistent daily effort. It is our experience that those who follow the process outlined in the tutorials daily will often find a job within 4-6 months. However the national average for job seekers not following a defined process often experience the following results based on income:

    Hourly – $36,000 per year = 120 to 180 days on average

    $36,001 – $62,000 per year = 180 days to 7 months

    $62,001 – $76,000 per year = 6 months to 8 months

    $76,001 – $99,000 per year = 7 months to 10 months

    $100,000 + = 9 months to a year


What makes JSRC different from other sites like and the

    There are hundreds of valuable resources on the internet, you should utilize every site that exposes you to job opportunities. Job Search Resource Center (JSRC) is not another job board, We provide the resources and educational materials to job seekers so they can learn the most effective way to find employment. It is important to understand that technology does not find you a job, you do.


Do you guarantee that I will find a job?

    Job Search Resource Center makes no guarantees. We are a resource center that provides proven process and resources to our members. However we cannot control the understanding or implementation of that information. Each job seeker is in control of their own future. Those with the right attitude and application of information will find employment.


What technology do you offer that will help get me a job?

    Job Search Resource Center is exactly what the name says. We are a resource center providing job seekers the educational resources guidance they need to learn how to find a job. There is already so much technology available, frankly it has made job seekers lazy with unrealistic expectations. Technology does not get you a great new job, You Do! JSRC just teaches you how.


Are you the only site that can assist me in my job search?

    There is an unmanageable amount of information on the internet concerning how to find a job, the problem is determining what is good and what is not so good. This is why Job Search Resource Center was created, to be a singular source for the best information available. Yes there are other sites that will assist you in your search, in fact we recommend them in our tutorials. We even partner with those who we feel are the best.


How long before I have access to the resource center?

    You have instant access and the information is updated regularly. There are certain items which you will only have access to after you complete their preliminary work. This is to help you absorb all the information provided.


Is membership refundable or transferable?

    A Job Search Resource Center membership is non-refundable due to the immediate availability of downloads,videos, and benefits for members. JSRC membership is open only to individuals, and is non-transferable.


What methods of payment do you accept?

    Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover


Is there a contract?

    No. Job Search Resource Center is a month to month service you can utilize until you find employment.
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