How Companies Can Help Former Employees: Provide JSRC as a Severance Benefit

Companies with discharged employees can benefit from JSRC by providing it as part of employee severance packages. JSRC is easy and inexpensive for companies to purchase for former employees. Companies of any size can now show discharged workers they care by helping them to kickstart their new job search.

Being a trustworthy and ethical company means, in part, providing discharged workers with some type of outplacement service. But traditionally these are expensive, particularly for small businesses. JSRC offers a low-cost alternative that businesses of any size can afford.

JSRC helps employers assist transitioning employees to find their next career opportunity, keeping severed employees focused on future opportunities, not the past. This maintains future beneficial relationships with these workers.

JSRC can provide your discharged employees with the resources and knowledge to help them learn how to find a new job, in a shorter time , and much more. JSRC is the ultimate tool for recently discharged workers looking for their next career opportunity.

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