How we can help your job search

How we can help your job search

We Provide The Tools You Need To Get The Job You Deserve

Job Search Video Tutorials

Our job search video tutorials will educate you on proven processes and principles along with the art of “HOW” to find the “RIGHT” job. These information packed tutorials will walk you through every step of your job search, from how to prepare for your search to how to interview and stand out from the crowed.

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Job Search Webinars

Webinars that are based on the direct feedback and needs of our members. Many of our members share the same or similar issues as they navigate their job search. JSRC webinars are high impact presentations + QA's built around our members questions.

Resource Library

Downloadable Templates, Reports & Articles

A collection of Reports, “How To” Documents , and Templates (Resumes & Cover letters) to aid you in the implementation and execution of a successful job search. This information in conjunction with the tutorials will provide you with the most detailed job search resources available.

Our members can instantly download Cover Letter and Resume Templates that are proven to get the employers attention. These documents are constantly reviewed and updated giving our members confidence in what they are presenting to any employer.

The Beacon is a job search resource podcast brought to you by JSRC. True North will provide you with weekly insights and tips to help you along in your job search.

"The Compass" Monthly eNewsletter

JSRC’s “The Compass” monthly eNewsletter addresses current hiring trends, job search best practices, tips, and special promotions. We have a network of over 1000 recruiters and HR managers across the country continually updating our members on what they want to see and how to stand out from other job applicants. Stay connected, educated, motivated, and inspired as you search and find a great new job.

Job Search Blog

The best place to find Articles and information created to support you in your job search. JSRC will provide a broad spectrum of information, Do’s and Don’ts, Motivational Help, Current Trends, Economic Impact and much much more. Our members can request topics and we will provide you with the answers.


Get your job search questions answered!

Job Search Resource Center has created forums for our members to connect and share their job search questions and find the answers. JSRC members can also actively network, share opportunities, and even warn peers of scams and miss leading job postings. A great resource to connect and help one another.

Common Questions and Answers

How much is a JSRC membership?

JSRC has created job search resources that are affordable for everyone. Complete access to the resource center is now only $19,95 a month with your first month FREE and no contract. All military veterans who have been discharged within the last 2 years are eligible to receive a 6 month membership free.

How long will it take to find a job?

There is no exact method to calculate the time it will take to find a job. There are too many factors involved in a job search, the main factor is your consistent daily effort. It is our experience that those who follow the process outlined in the tutorials daily will often find a job within 4-6 months.

What makes JSRC different from others?

There are hundreds of valuable resources on the internet, you should utilize every site that exposes you to job opportunities. JSRC is not just another job board, We provide the resources and educational materials for job seekers so they can learn the most effective way to find employment.

What does JSRC offer?

Job Search Resource Center is exactly what the name says. We are a resource center providing job seekers the resources they need to learn how to find a job. There is only so much technology available, frankly it has made job seekers lazy with unrealistic expectations. Technology does not get you a job, You Do! JSRC just teaches you how

Are you the only site that can assist me in my job search?

There is an unmanageable amount of information on the internet concerning how to find a job, the problem is determining what is good and what is not so good. This is why Job Search Resource Center was created, to be a singular source for the best information available.

How long before I have access to the resource center?

You will have instant access to your resource center after completing the sign up process. All information and resources are updated regularly. There are certain items which you will only have access to after you complete their preliminary work

Is membership refundable or transferable?

Job Search Resource Center membership is non-refundable due to the immediate availability of free downloads and benefits for members. JSRC membership is open only to individuals, and is non-transferable.

Is there a contract when I sign up to JSRC?

No. Job Search Resource Center is a month to month service that can be utilized until you find employment or no longer want the service. Many of our members continue to use or services long after finding a job.

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