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Mary T.
"Good news! I got a job!! One of the first things I thought of was, 'Wow Tyson was right, he guessed I'd get a job in March. It's March, Just 2 months after signing up and I just got offered a great new position...

"Thanks for your help and support over the past few months! I had a spur of the moment interview on Wednesday (with a different company) and I nailed it thanks to you all. We had a 10 minute interview scheduled, and it turned into a full blown, hour long interview. I was confident and calm, and they were very impressed. I find out on Monday about that job, but I will be turning it down. Me, turn down a job! Who would have thought?

"Again, thank you all!"
Steve R.
JSRC has a different way of doing things when it comes to job searching. And by that I mean that their way works! The job market is constantly changing, especially over the past few years, and JSRC develops solutions for their members that work here and now. They don't let traditional job search standards get in the way if they don't make sense. I consider myself very capable of communicating in person and in writing, but without JSRC's coaching and advice I would still be out there pounding the pavement, with old and ineffective tactics that just don't work.

I recommend JSRC's methods for building a resume that hiring managers will actually read. I also recommend the additional coaching they offer for preparing for interviews. It was tough, and they are brutally (and respectfully) honest. Exactly what I needed!
Kristie A.
When I first went to the JSRC website I was a recent college graduate and new to the job market. They have helped me develop a realistic 5 year plan, and narrow down my job search. Instead of spending hours on job boards looking at every available position, They have taught me the skills I needed to find a position that interested me in my desired field. JSRC showed me how to update my resume, improve my interviewing skills, and scheduling my time. I was never led astray when following any of their advice. JSRC is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.
Kevin J.
I was out of the military for over 9 months and I could not find a job. I could not even get an interview. I was told that the skills I learned in the military would help me find a job as a civilian, but things were not working out for me. I even considered reenlisting. My mother found JSRC while looking on the internet trying to help me find a job. She forwarded me the website and I thought she was crazy. I did my time and developed many great skills. I thought, why should I pay to find a job? My mother reminded me that I was no closer to working than when I started looking 9 months ago. I signed up and WOW was I going about my job search wrong. After 4 months I found a great job as a Distribution Manager.
Susan B.
I am not easily impressed. I have been in HR for over 20 years. I have been frustrated for the last decade about how difficult it had become attempting to hire the right individuals for my company. Everyone tells you how hard working they are but yet most of the applicants do not know how to communicate their skills. Even worse, they expect me to know how great they are just by reading their terrible resume. I feel like most of my phone interviews are more of an interrogation in an attempt to determine if they are a good fit for the open position. When interviewing for management positions it is even worse. Managers are entitled know-it -alls who think you can’t live without them. I digress, back to my original statement. I was interview an applicant for our recently opened Project Manager position. I received a great resume, it looked like it was written specifically for my open position. I was impressed. I called to schedule a phone interview and the applicant was actually prepared right them. I conducted an impromptu interview and it was a great conversation, not an interrogation. I was so pleased with the phone interview I brought the candidate in for a face-to-face interview the very next day. He wowed our Vice President. He actually left me and the VP a thank you card before he left the building. What a great impression and he clearly was the best interview I have ever conducted in my 20 years. I asked him how he was so good at interviewing. He confessed that he hired a company to help him. He had never looked for a job before. the company he worked for for the last 12 years suddenly closed and he found himself unemployed for the first time. He said he could not afford a long job search so he asked for help. He informed me that Job Search Resource Center was the company he hired. I just wanted to compliment your company, you did a great job. I am going to refer everyone I can to your company. I wish all applicants were as prepared as our new Project Manager.
Elizabeth P.
“Thank You” so much, It was the best money I have ever spent. I spent about $300, but in return I found a job in only 6 months and got a $15,000 a year increase in pay. Now thats what I call a positive return on my investment.
Miles G.
I will admit it, I was a sceptic. The thought of paying for help to find a new job was just ridiculous to me. But I promised my wife I would give it a try. I was less confident after I watched the first tutorial. I almost canceled right then, in fact, my wife finished watching the tutorials and started criticizing me when I did things wrong. She said something every day to me. Finally I finished the tutorials and participated in a few webinars. The information was completely logical and simple, I was just going about it all wrong. After changing my daily routine I found a job in just 2 months. It was nothing fancy, it just worked. I am grateful and it is tough for me to confess it. You were right.
Scott S.
I just hired Alan. He informed me he retained your company’s services to assist him in his job search efforts. He felt the need to inform me that he had help finding a job and that he received personalized coaching. He said he wanted to be honest and hoped it would not negatively impact my decision to hire him, but he thought I should know he was coached. I was even more impressed with him after his confession. It takes a strong person to ask for help and even a stronger person to admit it. I do not know how Alan was before you coached him, but I want to tell you he did a great job. He went above and beyond to set himself apart from the other applicants. He was not the most qualified, but the way he presented himself made him the top candidate. we are pleased he is now part of our team. If Alan is a typical result of your program, you are doing great things and I would recommend you to anyone looking for employment.
Ryan T.
When I was watching the tutorials all I thought was “This is so common sense.” I was only going to give it 1 month and then I was going to cancel. I didn’t. in the first 3 weeks searching, nothing. In the last week I had 4 interviews, one job offer on the spot. I turned down the offer and 2 months later I started my new job with a 10% raise. Grateful I stayed.
Elaina V .
I have now hired 2 people who used your services. I thought it odd that 2 people within a years time would both leave me a Thank You card on the way out the door. The 2 best interviews I have ever been involved in. What you are doing is a great combination of old and new school. Please keep up the good work.
Lisa J.
It took longer than I hoped, 11 months in fact. The payoff was worth the wait. For the first time in my life my salary is six figures. I am a six figure person, can you believe it? Thank You for the continued support.
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