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Don’t try and navigate this journey alone. Let us Help. JSRC will give all returning veterans a FREE 6 Month Membership to the Job Search Resource Center. With your membership we will teach you how to find a Better Job, at a Higher Salary, in a Shorter Time.

You understand the importance team work.

Any career transition comes with its own set of unique challenges. We understand the potential difficulties that can arise when making the transition from military service to the civilian work force. We are here to help.

Unfortunately many employers do not understand the skills that are required to be successful in the military. They assume you are just a gun wielding action junkie or someone who didn’t know what to do with their life so you joined the military.

To overcome this persona there are 3 questions you must ask yourself before for you start applying for jobs.

1. Can you clearly articulate the skills you utilized in the military and explain how you will benefit their company?
2. Can you clearly articulate your K.S.A.’s? do you even know what they are?
3. Do you know the Core Competencies that you exemplify?

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